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Change of Address Checklist: Who to Notify When You Move

By Two Twigs Moving

Among the many tasks on your to-do list, notifying the right people and organizations of your change of address is crucial to ensure a smooth transition. In addition to the obvious moving basics like acquiring boxes and packing supplies and renting a truck or hiring professional movers, you’ll also want to make sure you’re notifying the right people and places about your move. 

To help you keep track of who to inform about your new location, we’ve created a comprehensive change of address checklist.

1. Postal Service: First and foremost, notify your local postal service or visit their website to officially change your address. This ensures that your mail is forwarded to your new address.

2. Financial Institutions:

  • Banks: Update your address with your bank or credit union to receive important financial statements and communication.
  • Credit Card Companies: Don’t forget to update your address with your credit card providers to avoid any billing issues.
  • Insurance Companies: This includes health, auto, and home insurance providers to ensure you receive important policy information.

3. Utilities:

  • Gas and Electric Companies: Notify your energy providers to avoid service interruptions or overbilling at your old address.
  • Water and Sewer Services: Change your address for water and sewer billing.
  • Cable and Internet Providers: Update your address to ensure uninterrupted service at your new home.

4. Government Agencies:

  • DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles): Update your driver’s license and vehicle registration with your new address.
  • Voter Registration: Inform your local election office to ensure you’re registered to vote in your new area.
  • Social Security Administration: If you receive benefits, report your change of address.
  • Tax Agencies: Notify the IRS and your state tax agency of your new address.

5. Healthcare Providers:

  • Doctors and Dentists: Inform your healthcare providers so they can send appointment reminders and important health information to the correct address.
  • Pharmacy: Ensure your pharmacy has your new address for prescription mailings.

6. Subscriptions and Memberships:

  • Magazines and Newspapers: Update your address for any subscriptions you have.
  • Gym and Club Memberships: Notify these facilities to receive updates and important information.

7. Employers and HR Department: Let your employer and human resources department know about your change of address for payroll, tax documents, and other work-related communication.

8. Schools and Educational Institutions: If you have school-age children, inform their educational institutions about your new address to receive school-related communications.

9. Friends and Family: Don’t forget to share your new address with friends and family, especially those who may need it for sending cards, gifts, or visiting.

10. Online Retailers and Shopping Sites: Update your shipping address with any online retailers or shopping sites you frequently use to ensure your orders arrive at the right location.

11. Professional Services:

  • Attorneys and Legal Advisors: Keep your legal representatives informed of your new address.
  • Accountants: Notify your accountant or financial advisor to ensure they can reach you for financial matters.

12. Service Providers:

  • Lawn Care and Cleaning Services: If you have recurring services, update your address to ensure they go to the right location.
  • Pet Services: Inform your pet groomer, walker, or sitter of your new address.

13. Car Insurance and Registration: Notify your auto insurance provider and update your vehicle registration with the new address to comply with legal requirements.

14. Miscellaneous:

  • Friends and Social Contacts: Inform any other important contacts or organizations, such as local clubs or hobby groups.
  • Online Services: Change your address on platforms like Amazon, PayPal, or any other online service where you receive packages or correspondence.

Remember, it’s essential to complete this change of address checklist well before your moving day. Ensure you have a reliable forwarding address for a smooth transition. With these updates in place, you’ll be well-prepared for a stress-free move to your new home, knowing that your mail and important communications will follow you there.

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