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Moving Etiquette 101

By Two Twigs Moving

Moving is a significant life event that involves various logistical challenges and interactions with others. Whether you’re hiring professional movers, enlisting the help of friends, or coordinating with neighbors, practicing good moving etiquette can make the process smoother and more pleasant for everyone involved. Here are some essential guidelines to ensure your move is courteous and respectful.

1. Communicate Clearly with Movers

Provide Detailed Instructions

Ensure that your movers have all the necessary information about your move. This includes details about the items to be moved, any special handling instructions, and the layout of both your current and new homes.

Be Available

Make yourself available to answer any questions the movers may have on moving day. Clear and prompt communication can prevent misunderstandings and mistakes.

2. Prepare Your Home

Pack Efficiently

Have everything packed and ready to go before the movers arrive. This includes disassembling furniture if needed and ensuring that all boxes are sealed and labeled. This helps the movers work efficiently and prevents delays.

Clear Pathways

Make sure that pathways are clear and safe for the movers. Remove any obstacles, and ensure that stairs and entryways are free of clutter. This helps prevent accidents and makes the moving process faster.

3. Respect Your Neighbors

Inform Neighbors in Advance

Let your neighbors know about your moving plans, especially if you’re in an apartment building or a densely populated area. Inform them of the date and time of your move to minimize any inconvenience.

Minimize Noise

Try to keep noise levels down, particularly if you’re moving early in the morning or late in the evening. Be mindful of your neighbors’ peace and quiet.

4. Show Appreciation to Movers

Provide Refreshments

Offering water, coffee, or snacks to your movers is a thoughtful gesture. It shows appreciation for their hard work and helps keep them energized.

Tip Generously

Tipping is customary if you’re happy with the service provided by professional movers. The standard tip is typically 10-20% of the total moving cost, divided among the crew. If they’ve done an exceptional job, you might consider tipping more.

5. Be Considerate of Friends Helping You Move

Offer Food and Drinks

If friends are helping you move, make sure to provide them with food and drinks. This can be as simple as ordering pizza and having plenty of water on hand.

Acknowledge Their Effort

Show your appreciation by thanking your friends for their help. Consider giving them a small gift or taking them out for a meal after the move.

6. Manage Parking and Accessibility

Reserve Parking

If possible, reserve parking spots for the moving truck close to your home. This reduces the distance movers have to carry items and speeds up the process. Check with your building management or local authorities about reserving space if needed.

Be Mindful of Blocking Access

Ensure that the moving truck or your vehicles do not block driveways, fire hydrants, or the street. Be considerate of your neighbors and other drivers.

7. Handle Utilities and Services

Notify Utility Companies

Arrange to have your utilities (electricity, water, gas, internet) disconnected at your old home and set up at your new home in advance. This prevents any interruptions and ensures a smooth transition.

Change of Address

Update your address with the post office, your bank, and any other important institutions. This ensures you continue to receive mail and services without interruption.

8. Clean Up After the Move

Leave the Old Home Clean

Whether you’re moving out of a rental or selling your home, leave it in good condition. Clean thoroughly, dispose of any trash, and make any necessary repairs. This is courteous to the new occupants and can help ensure you get your security deposit back if you’re renting.

Dispose of Packing Materials

After unpacking, dispose of packing materials responsibly. Recycle boxes and packing paper if possible. Some moving companies will even take back used boxes for recycling.

9. Introduce Yourself to New Neighbors

Friendly Introduction

Once you’ve settled in, take a moment to introduce yourself to your new neighbors. A simple greeting can help establish good relationships and create a friendly atmosphere in your new community.

Respect Community Rules

Familiarize yourself with any community rules or guidelines, especially if you’re moving into a condo or a neighborhood with a homeowners’ association. Adhering to these rules shows respect for your new community.


Practicing good moving etiquette is about being considerate and respectful to everyone involved in the moving process. Clear communication, thoughtful gestures, and careful planning can help ensure a smooth and pleasant experience for you, your movers, and your neighbors. By following these guidelines, you can make your move more efficient and foster positive relationships in your new home.

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