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The Most Affordable Times To Move

By Two Twigs Moving

Moving can be a stressful and expensive endeavor, but savvy planning can help you save significantly on your relocation costs. One key factor that can impact the overall expense of moving is the timing of your move. Certain times of the year, month, and week are known to be more affordable for various reasons. In this blog post, we’ll explore some of the most affordable times to move, helping you make the most cost-effective decisions for your next relocation.

  1. Off-Peak Seasons: The moving industry experiences peak seasons, typically during the summer months when families with children often relocate to avoid disrupting the school year. Moving during the off-peak seasons, such as fall and winter, can result in lower costs. Many moving companies offer discounted rates during these times, as demand is generally lower.
  2. Mid-Month Moving: The timing within the month can also influence moving costs. Most people prefer to move at the beginning or end of the month, aligning with lease agreements or the start of a new job. Choosing a mid-month moving date can lead to reduced rates from moving companies and may provide more flexibility in scheduling.
  3. Weekday Moves: Weekends are prime time for moving, as many people prefer to use their days off to relocate. Opting for a weekday move, especially Tuesday through Thursday, can result in cost savings. Moving companies often have more availability during weekdays, allowing them to offer lower rates.
  4. Avoiding Holidays: Moving during holidays, especially major ones like Memorial Day, Labor Day, or Thanksgiving, can increase costs due to higher demand. If possible, plan your move around these holidays to take advantage of lower rates and greater availability from moving companies.
  5. Winter Moves: While winter weather can pose challenges, moving during the colder months can be cost-effective. Many people prefer not to move in winter due to potential weather-related issues, making it a less busy time for moving companies. If you can handle the weather conditions, you may find more affordable rates and increased availability.
  6. Book Early or Last Minute: Planning ahead allows you to secure better rates from moving companies, but sometimes last-minute moves can also be budget-friendly. If a moving company has unexpected availability, they may offer discounted rates to fill their schedule. However, relying on last-minute availability can be risky, so it’s advisable to book early whenever possible.
  7. Consider Self-Moving Options: If you’re open to a DIY move, consider renting a truck or using a portable storage container. This can often be more affordable than hiring a full-service moving company. Keep in mind that self-moving requires more effort on your part, so weigh the cost savings against the convenience of hiring professionals.

Timing is a crucial factor in determining the affordability of a move. By strategically planning your relocation during off-peak seasons, mid-month, weekdays, and avoiding holidays, you can maximize cost savings. Additionally, considering self-moving options or booking early can further contribute to a more budget-friendly relocation. With careful planning, you can achieve a smooth move without breaking the bank.

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